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Gems Dance Academy (GDA)

1. How/when are class fees paid?

Your child's first class/session/day with GDA is free so that your child can try as many of the suitable classes we offer as they want. Your child and you can then make an informed decision as to which class(es) they wish to enrol in.

During your child's first term at GDA their class fee(s) are invoiced and paid for on a Pay As You Go / Weekly basis for classes attended only.

Once your child has attended class(es) for a minimum of 4 weeks they will be changed to our Term fee payment system. You will recieve an invoice the week before the Term starts with the full invoice to be paid by the end of the first week of the term. Each term is between 2 to 4 weeks and allows for when the academy if closed.

Once you are paying for your child's classes termly all classes including those missed must also be paid for in full and no fees will be refunded. GDA operates struct small class sizes and the class fees retain your child’s place in the class and keeps the cost of classes to a minimum thus benefiting everyone.

Due to the unpredicatability of the Covid situation we are operating on a Pay As You Go / Weekly fee invoice system FOR EVERYONE. Only the classes your child actually attends are paid for.

2. How many students are in each class?

We do not feel large classes are of a benefit to students therefore all our classes have either 8, 10 or 12 places. The dance style/subject and the age of the students in a class determines how many places are available. For example, classes for our younger aged students or classes requiring more hands on supervision (such as Acro Arts) have fewer places. GDA feels that limiting places available ensures quality of teaching and is therefore more beneficial to the students.

Once all the places in a class are filled GDA operates a waiting list policy. Please enquire directly with GDA regarding class place availability.

GDA also offers private lessons in singing and dance. Private lessons are 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 minutes in duration and are open to any student who wishes to have them. Private lessons can be shared by a maximum of 3 students per half hour (15 minutes are limited to one student only). Private lessons can be used for a variety of purposes and reasons, including, but not limited to; assisting with their general class content, for audition preparation or to choreograph and rehearse routines for competitions.

3. What is the annual Gems Dance Academy calendar?

Our school year starts in September and we are open for  40 weeks in each academic year (39 weeks of classes and 1 week for our annual show).

As GDA is based in Bradford, we base our break closures on the Bradford Council School calendar.


4. Is there a class/school uniform?

Once your child has committed to classes, GDA approved dance-wear and dance-shoes must be worn to every lesson. We will advise you what is required for your child depending on the class(es) they enrol in.

In the interest of safety no jewellery (except simple stud earrings) should be worn and all hair must be tied back (hair bun or french plaits preferred, ponytails are also acceptable).

Students who particpate in dance exams and shows will need to have specific items which must be identitcal to the ones GDA stipulate. However, theses items can also be worn in their classes once used for any exams and shows.

5. What shows do Gems Dance Academy students participate in?

GDA organises three open to the public performances each year; a theatre based show; a 'Fun Open Day' gala/fete; and an informal Recital held at our studios. 

We also encourage students to participate in extra-curricular performances & events and to attend auditions wherever possible.

6. How do Gems Dance Academy fund its public performances?

In relation to the main theatre based show, Parents/Guardians pay a one off show participation fee for students to particpate. The participation fee contributes to covering the staging costs of the show; rental of the show venue, costumes, set decoration, props, professional photographer/video-grapher and any other costs incurred in staging the show. Tickets sales cover the rest of the staging costs.

There is no participation fee for the Fun Open Day or Recital performances. A small admission fee assists with the staging costs of these performances.

GDA also holds various fundraising events throughout the year to assist with covering staging costs.

7. Does Gems Dance Academy offer the opportunity for students to take exams?

Yes. GDA offers the opportunity for students to participate in IDTA examinations.

We believe it is beneficial for students to experience dance examinations but particpation is not compulsory.

8. Does Gems Dance Academy offer the opportunity for students to participate in competitions?

Yes. A small number students are part of the GDA Competition Team that travels to various locations to particpate in dance competitions/festivals. Joining the GDA Competition Team is open to all GDA students. However, to be eligible to join students must be particpating in a minimum of amount of classes (age based) each week and be able to commit to a weekly private lesson.

Dance competitions are beneficial for some students and suitability for participating in competitons isn't just based on a students dance/performance ability. GDA will advise on how best to approach particpation in dance competitions for any student who expresses an interest in joining the GDA Competition Team.


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